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Natural-born focus on energy transition

Our purpose is to impact all stakeholders in a sustainable reliable manner at competitive costs with a view to drive the Brazilian economy.

The idea was born out of founder engineer Luna Viana’s entrepreneurial mindset, associated with business administrator Luiz Felipe Coutinho and engineer Nathan Biddle. They teamed up together to establish a company with a mission to play a role in both the expansion and transformation of the Brazilian energy generation grid towards a low-carbon economy.

Back in 2016, utilizing her own financial capital, Luna Viana acquired the onshore field of Garça Branca, in the Espírito Santo Basin area. Luiz Felipe Coutinho, thereafter, joined the partnership, and provided additional funds to develop the project. In 2020, Nathan Biddle also came aboard as partner. In January of the same year, Prisma Capital Funds Management becomes ORIGEM’s controller shareholder.

The co-founding partners taking the lead

Luiz Felipe Coutinho

Luiz Felipe Coutinho

Luna Viana

Luna Viana
COO (Chief Operating Officer)

Nathan Biddle

Nathan Biddle
CTO (Chief Technology Officer)




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