We are a blend of accents, colors and nationalities from varying professional backgrounds

The Team

Our business model coupled with the innovative integrated solutions we deliver, as well as our culture, strategies and decision making, come together to reinforce our commitment to the sustainable growth of the Brazilian Energy Sector. We are a plural team made up of people with multiple levels of experience, coming from different nationalities and Brazilian regions.

Besides technical qualifications, we value a proactive, swift, and empowered disposition, always engaged in the search for knowledge with that twinkle in the eye. Ethics, transparency,satisfaction and the desire of making a positive difference in our relationships are the driving force of our team.

Currently, 52% of our team at headquarters is constituted of women. In our search to recruit and retain new talent, we always focus on skilled professionals who will bring in value to the team. We believe in our power to bring about positive impact and transform lives. Since real change starts at home, we are committed to promoting the growth and development of our group.

It is our conviction thattogether we are better and able to impact positively the environmental, social, and economic axis of our ecosystem.

In 2022, our team will consist of more than 500 professionals spread across Rio de Janeiro (headquarters), Bahia and Alagoas (operation complexes).

Internship Program

We believe that good professionals play a role in building a better more powerful future. Therefore, we are proud to provide studentsfrom all over the country with access to the Brazilian energy market. Our interns are valued and encouraged to share new ideas under the mentorship of our more experienced professionals.

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